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Chapter 9 Chrissie gets her fix


Chapter 9 Chrissie gets her fixChapter 9Chrissie gets her fixI woke up drenched with sweat as a rush of hormones heated my body towhat felt like a boiling point. The sun was up and I could sense it wasrelatively early. I checked my phone for the time and saw it was 7:00 am.I lay in bed for a few minutes thinking of the events that happenedyesterday: my first day as a t-girl prostitute at Derek’s brothel inMayfair and the package of my new maid’s outfits that I picked up fromJohn Lewis and the new rules that had been laid down by my new owner,Helen. Just a few days ago I had just been a cuckolded husband, albeit asissy that was undergoing oestrogen treatment, ultimately betrayed by mywife, Heidi, who left me for the father of her c***d. It was a littleover a week since I had the breast implant operation and I still wasn’tused to the feeling of touching my chest and feeling my perfect 34B titswith their enlarged nipples that poked out just like any other woman.Just three years ago I could still get hard, although I only had a cockthat stretched out to maybe five inches and wasn’t particularly thick.Now it was shrunken by the weekly high doses of hormones that Helen shotin my ass. It was only about an inch long and two tiny testicles hungtightly below it. I was ashamed of it whenever I saw it in the mirror.I was ordered to go to my tiny room by Helen last night while she andmommy were talking and drinking wine in the living room and had takentwice my daily dose of hormone pills in the hope that my day at thebrothel would be full of hot rushes. The hot flashes which ran through mybody like lightning helped to make me almost crave the cocks that enteredmy ass and brought me intense pleasure which manifested itself inwrithing moans which seemed to drive the men who used my body for theirpleasure to more intense states of frenzy. I felt used up as each manultimately pulled out of me and left me like a limp doll on the mattress,their cum oozing from me. I knew I was fully booked up again today andwould be working without a break from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm. Then I wouldhave to come straight home, put on my maid’s uniform and spend theevening serving Helen, under orders not to speak unless spoken to and tokeep my gaze lowered in her presence on threat of punishment. My freedomwas restricted throughout the week. I was only allowed to travel betweenthe brothel and Heidi’s Notting Hill apartment except to buy groceriesand wine for her dinner. I had Saturday off but only could leave after Ihad served her coffee in bed and had to be home by 9:00 pm.The morning email with the images of all the girls that would be workingat the brothel would go out at 9:00 am to all the men in London richenough to pay £500 for anonymous pleasure with the woman of their choice.It was flattering that I was considered beautiful enough to be the onlyt-girl deemed to be worthy of wearing Derek’s initials. The tattooadorned every woman’s ass at the house, now including mommy who worked asa receptionist there. Her life had certainly changed in the past weekafter she had come up from Sydney to help me recover from the operation.A beautiful woman of 55, she and I looked more like sisters because ofher youthful appearance and perfect body. We were both petite, 5’5″ inour stocking feet with perfectly shaped legs and matching hair styles,although mine was blonder in colour. We could share the same wardrobe andeven exchange shoes, since our feet were both UK size 6.Mommy had first feminised me in my teen years and we had what many wouldconsider a shocking relationship after I caught her cuckolding my fatherwith my uncle. In order to silence me she had taken me to bed after heleft with the intention of making love to me but I even shocked myself byinsisting on going down on her and licking up the seed her lover had leftin her pussy and then licking her clit until she had a violent orgasm.That first act set the stage for the relationship we had for 12 yearsthereafter. It was a relationship where I showed my devotion to her bybegging her to allow me to drink her morning pee, to lick her in her mostprivate spot after she had relieved herself and to punish me with theriding crop I bought for her. She eventually learned to enjoy her powerover me. She loved to watch me drink her golden nectar, squirmed withdelight when I licked her ass clean and her breasts actually flushed withdesire when she whipped my ass with the crop and made red welts come upthat made it almost impossible for me to sit down for hours.Now my ass is Helen’s money maker. What’s left of the £500 the clientspay the house to violate me after my pimp, Derek, takes his cut and I paythe overhead to the brothel, goes right into her bank account. Mycontract with Derek is a lifetime arrangement. He will decide when I amto be farmed out to pasture and, according to Kate, the matron of thehouse, with my looks I can look forward to at least 20 years in thebusiness. I wonder how long mommy, who just started as a receptionist forthe brothel, will stay on the job. She left her young and rich husband inAustralia to come up to take care of me and I’m not sure how long sheintends to stay.I got up out of bed, hopped into the bathroom which adjoined my quartersand took a shower in the tiny stall, washing my hair and payingparticular attention to my ass that had been oozing out cum and lube allevening. When I came out of my bathroom I was surprised to see my nudemother rummaging through my clothes and lingerie. I was tempted to askher what she was doing but remembered the rules that had been laid forme: I was not to speak to Helen or her guests unless spoken to and, sincemommy had obviously spent the night with Helen, then she was technicallyher guest. I did notice a glass half full of her pee on my bedside tablewhich I drank quickly before it cooled off. I like my mommy’s pee warm.”I didn’t expect to spend the night with Helen when I came here yesterdayand I don’t have anything clean to wear,” she said to me. “I am justgoing to grab a bra and knickers and I think I will borrow that pinkdress of yours. You can wear the same black dress you wore yesterday. Youbarely had it on so I am sure it is clean.””That’s fine,” I replied, although I was desperate to ask her whathappened last night. I would have to wait for her to volunteer thatinformation or to ask her when we are outside and the rules of the housedon’t apply.When mommy went into my bathroom I dried my hair and put on the grannypanties and plain bra and pulled the 60 denier black opaque tights up myleg and slipped on the cheap black maid’s frock with my name embroideredon it in white thread. I was slipping on the two inch heels I wasrequired to wear when mommy came out of the bathroom to the sound of theflushing toilet.”I didn’t waste any of the toilet rolls because I know you are far moremeticulous with your tongue,” mommy said with a giggle as she bent over.I fell on my knees and performed the one act that made me feel more closeto her than anything. I spread her ass cheeks with my hands and swirledmy tongue around her hole, licking her clean. Mommy moaned with pleasureas I rimmed her. I indicated that I was finished by kissing her rosebudand futilely trying to put my tongue inside her. The taste of her wouldbe something that would stay with me until I had to get ready for workand would brush my teeth.”The maid outfit actually suits you,” said mommy, looking me up and downafter I had finished my favourite duty and stood in front of her. “Don’tforget to put canlı bahis your hair in a ponytail before you go out. Helen isn’tawake yet and I am going to sneak back into bed with her so that meanscoffee for two at 8:00 am. Then I have to hurry off to work.”Mommy left the room and I straightened up and went into the kitchen andprepared the tray for Helen’s coffee. At exactly 8:00 am I knockedquietly on her bedroom door and put the tray with a pot of coffee, milk,sugar and two cups and saucers on her bedside table. Then I went to herlinen closet and pulled a clean towel out for her shower. I kept my gazelow as I went around the room and retrieved the clothes that weres**ttered about and put them in the hamper and opened the curtains whichlet the sun stream into the room.I had barely left the bedroom when a hot rush swept through my body. Theexplosive flashes I experienced sometimes lasted minutes and sometimesjust seconds, but each one was an unexpected pleasure. Occasionally theywere so intense that I would get dizzy, forget what I was doing andliterally black out, although I remained conscious. To those who didn’tknow what I was experiencing I just appeared like a flustered and dazedwoman. The most intense of them left me with little recollection of theexperience, blacking out my short term memory and leaving me drenched inperspiration. The one that was sweeping through my body now made myentire body heat up like a furnace and made the room do a brief spin. Isteadied myself by putting my hand on the wall and gave myself over tothe rush of hormones that engulfed me. It took me minutes to recover andleft me spent but desiring even more. Helen had cultivated this addictionin me over the last three years. She held the ultimate power over me.Three or four days after my weekly shot I went into withdrawal, cravingthe rushes that the girl juice brought. I felt flat on the fifth dayafter my treatment and longed for the Friday morning shot she would giveme at the clinic.The vindictive nurse, whose name I couldn’t recollect, gave me a shotthat tested my limits whilst Helen was on holiday last Friday. She did itout of spite. Perhaps she envies Helen and was trying to hurt thecreature that she had created. Her motives meant nothing to me althoughher vitriolic scorn brought shame to me. I am sure that Helen is deeplyresented at the clinic where she works. She is a beautiful woman, talland statuesque, but has little regard for those she doesn’t consider herequal. She speaks of her co-workers with contempt and I am sure theimperious manner she has rubs against their own self-regard. When Irecovered from the hot flash I did something I will probably regret inthe not too distant future.Mommy and Helen were having coffee in the bedroom and I had a few minutesbefore I was summoned to do my next chore. I hurried to the kitchen wherethere was a staff list for the clinic posted on the wall and convenientlythere were pictures of the doctors and nurses and their emergency contactnumbers listed. I studied the list and saw the picture of the nurse whohad belittled me last Friday. Her name was Tracie and I jotted down hermobile number and went back to my little room and used my mobile phone tocall her. The number rang three times before she picked up.”Who is this?” Tracie asked with an irritation barely concealed in hervoice. “This better be important. I am going to be late for work.””This is Chrissie, Helen’s patient,” I replied meekly, keeping my voiceto a whisper. “I’m sorry to bother you.””What do you want with me?” she asked, with contempt. “Did I give you toomuch sissy juice last Friday or did your tiny dick finally fall off?””No,” I replied. “I want another shot like you gave me the other day. Iam coming down from it and tomorrow morning I’ll be a wreck and I need itfor what I am doing now. I’ll pay you for it but it has to be secret. IfHelen knew I was talking to you she would kill me.””You want me to pump some more girl juice into you and you don’t wantthat bitch to know about it?” Tracie asked with a voice laced with scorn.”If you tell me why you need it so badly, I might consider it.””I can’t tell you now,” I replied in a low voice, increasingly worriedthat Helen might need me for something and become suspicious about why Iwas alone in my room. “I’ll tell you when I see you, but I can’t come tothe clinic. I’ll pay you a £100 if you come over to where I am stayingand meet me this evening.””I’ll come over for £200 but I want to know exactly why you need anothershot and what that bitch is doing to you,” Tracie replied with a venomousvoice. “I’ll shoot enough in your sissy ass to put you in a girly spinbut I’ll only do it if this is a regular thing. I could use the extramoney. The clinic doesn’t pay me the same sort of money that they do tothat bitch that has you wrapped around her finger.”Tracie and I quickly concluded our business and I gave her the address ofHelen’s apartment block and told her to meet me behind the building at6:45 pm. Then I put my phone away and hurried out of my room just in timeto hear Helen ring the small brass bell that she used to summon me. Iwent into her bedroom and saw mommy quickly getting dressed for work inmy lingerie and pink dress that she had borrowed from me. I kept my headlowered and stood at the foot of the bed waiting to be addressed. Itwasn’t until mommy was fully dressed and had kissed Helen on the lipsbefore departing that I was spoken to.”Derek called me this morning,” Helen said, referring to the villainouspimp that she had consigned me to. “He wants you to do escort work aswell as work in the clinic. That means that you will see some exclusiveclients in the evening. They will pay you in cash and I expect to seethat money on top of my dresser in the morning. Regretfully, this alsomeans that you won’t be here to see to my needs, which is what you weremeant to do. I was reluctant at first but there is money involved and hefinally convinced me that it is the right thing, but there will beconsequences. I’m sorry but I will have to cancel your day off. If youare out in the evenings having fun with the twisted types that areattracted to you then I don’t think you deserve to have any time off.Your mother is fully behind my decision, so don’t expect any sympathythere.””I can’t have you come to the clinic anymore,” she added. “Too manypeople are talking about our relationship and, regardless, you areworking on Fridays so you don’t have the time anymore. I’ll give you yourshot on Saturday mornings from now on here in the apartment.”Your mother is moving her stuff in here and staying for a while. I don’tknow how that will work out but she has agreed to pay the rent and takecare of me on the evenings you are gone. She is a bit mature for mytastes but she is eager to please. To be honest, though, I am more drawnto men. I think your mother is the same way actually so maybe the bestthing for her is to work alongside you. She is beautiful and lots of menare drawn to mature women, particularly younger guys with an Oedipuscomplex. I suggested to Derek that he should drop by and meet her afterwork today. After all, her talents would be put to better use by beingone of his girls instead of just working as a receptionist. I hope youdon’t mind.”I hid the shock I felt at the calculated tone of Helen’s voice as shediscussed my mother’s fate as if she was already a possession of hers. Itran against the grain of my relationship with the woman who had taken myvirginity. I still had the taste of mommy on my lips bahis siteleri and her pee was inmy stomach. She was the woman I first submitted myself to and I couldn’tbegin to comprehend how she would willingly bend her will to Helen’s nordid I feel anything less than betrayed by her assent to the further theftof my freedom. I was looking forward to having Saturday off and justhaving a set schedule at Derek’s brothel. Now that I was going to have toservice clients in the evening it seemed like my entire existencerevolved around fulfilling Helen’s financial ambitions.I was in a daze as I made the bed and straightened up the room whileHelen bathed. I took the tray of dirty dishes back to the kitchen andwashed and dried them. Then, as Helen skilfully applied her makeup andgot dressed, I meticulously cleaned her bathroom and threw the dirtytowels in the hamper which I carried to the laundry room and loaded inthe washing machine. After I heard the front door close signallingHelen’s departure I went out the back service entrance, carrying mypurse, and went to the shops to buy food and wine for dinner. I needed toget everything organised so I could meet Tracie later. I hated that I hadto humble myself and beg her for another injection and pay her like anycrack addict pays a dealer.I hurried back and loaded everything in the refrigerator, did a finalclean of the kitchen and changed into my work outfit, slipping on mystockings, pulling them up to my suspender belt, putting on anotherversion of the netted knickers I wore yesterday and a matching bra. Istuffed one of the granny panties into my bag along with two sanitarypads for later and put my three inch heels on and left the apartment bythe back entrance as I was instructed to do. I caught a cab to work andquickly entered the building, not acknowledging mommy on reception andhurried to the back room. I lifted my black shift dress over my head,hung it up along with my bag and went into the kitchen dressed like theother girls in only my lingerie and heels. This time I felt confidentenough to make a cup of tea and grab a biscuit. I hadn’t eaten last nightand yesterday all I had to eat were two biscuits I munched after work wasover. The hormones suppressed my appetite and I knew I was getting tooskinny for my own good. There were eight women in the room all justwearing lingerie. I was the only t-girl in the group and I was actuallythe smallest person in the room by at least three inches.A few of the girls actually worked up the nerve to come over and ask meto have a look at my tiny penis before Kate came in for her morning peptalk. The sight of it mostly provoked giggles which naturally made meblush in shame but one of the girls told me she wished all her clientswere the same size as me. Kate thought it was important that all thewomen who worked at the house knew that, even though I was geneticallyborn a man, my male identity had been erased long ago and whateverremnants I still had of my masculinity were shrunken and not threatening.I was something different and fulfilled a kink a lot of heterosexual menhad. What was made clear from the start by Kate was that the girlswouldn’t approve of other sissies seeing me. Only dominant men thatunderstood that I was there to satisfy their needs only were allowed tobecome my clients.Kate entered the room and immediately the banter ceased and everyonewaited for her morning instructions. She gave me a knowing glance beforeshe started speaking.”OK, girls, we have another busy day and we are short staffed,” Kate saidin a loud voice. “I think some of the girls have been fibbing about theirperiods. We can only have one period a month and it should only put youout of action for four days. If we catch a girl lying about her period wewill suspend her for a month and, if she does it twice, then they will besent off to work in the east end house where clients only pay £50 a pop.Only the best girls are chosen to work here and if you don’t get thatthen you don’t deserve to be here.””This is Chrissie’s second day at work and Magic Mike is her firstappointment for the day,” Kate added as some of the girls knowinglygiggled. “I want you all to go to your rooms except Kate. I want to havea word in private with her.”After the room emptied, Kate nodded her head, indicating that I shouldfollow her. We went through the back room and out into the smallcourtyard at the back of the building. The sunshine felt warm but Icouldn’t help but feel uncomfortable as we were only wearing stockings,heels, suspender belts and bras and knickers. Curious eyes from thenumerous windows that looked over the small garden area could easily spyus as we shamelessly stood together.”He’s called Magic Mike because of his wand, which is enormous,” Katesaid to me with a smile. “No girl would ever consider taking him like youwill have to do first thing today, so you should be prepared.””I know there is a no-d**gs policy in the house but even Derek wouldn’tbe upset if we got stoned together,” Kate added as she held a joint inher fingers and lit it, inhaling the first puff deeply and handing it tome.I took two quick hits and could tell immediately that what I was smokingwas not normal grass. It was strong skunk that would go right to my head.I broke into a giggle as Kate playfully pulled open my panties and peeredat my tiny cock.”Where are your testicles?” she asked playfully, as she took the jointfrom my hand and took a few puffs before handing it back to me. “Did youhave them removed?””No, they are tucked inside me,” I replied. “I can just push them up inmy body and keep them there all day. I only lower them again at night. Idon’t like the way they look and actually would like to have them takenoff but Helen won’t allow that.””Wow, doesn’t that hurt you over the long term?” she asked.”Supposedly the heat of my body lowers my sperm count,” I replied,giggling as the pot really started to work. “So I am less likely to makea woman pregnant if I could get hard and if I could even put it in deepenough to fuck, but that isn’t going to happen.”For the first time I allowed myself to really look at Kate. I onlyrealised then how beautiful she is. She is tall and thin, with perfectsmall breasts and a pert ass, but her face is her best feature. She hasthe looks of a fashion model, aloof but still warm and friendly.”You are beautiful,” I said. “You could be on the cover of a magazine.””You are beautiful too,” she replied, finishing the last puff of thejoint which she discarded on the ground. “I can’t imagine that you wereever a man. It’s a shame you weren’t born a woman. I am worried about youthis morning. Take your time after you are with Magic Mike. It’s going totake you a couple of minutes to recover.””Take this and open the cap and inhale some of it right before he entersyou,” she said, handing me a small amber bottle. “These are poppers andwe use them to relax ourselves before we do anal. They’ll blow your headoff.”I took the bottle from her hand and put it in my bra. The skunk wasworking its magic and, coupled with a mild hormone rush, I felt totallyat ease.”Thanks,” I said. “Now I’ll get to work.”I felt like I was walking on a cloud as I climbed the stairs and took thebow off my door and entered the room. I tossed it on the dresser as I wasinstructed to do and turned and faced Magic Mike. He was nude andsprawled on his back with a smile on his handsome face. He looked like aprofessional athlete, broad at the shoulders and with a six pack most menwould give their right arm for. I giggled güvenilir bahis as I climbed on the bed,sitting to his side with my legs tucked under me and taking his large butlimp cock in my hand. I felt his heavy balls and played with them while Ispread his leaking cum around his helmet with my finger. Being stonedmade me completely relaxed and not at all uncomfortable. I instinctivelyfelt more intimate with Mike than I had with any of the men I had beenwith yesterday. He oozed confidence, which must come from being so wellendowed. I noticed he was married by the ring on his left hand which wasnow fully inside my bra and squeezing my sensitive nipples. His righthand was stroking my thigh sending tingling sensations through me.I was in the most delicious daze when I lowered my head and took the headof his cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. I used my handat the same time to help make him hard and licked down his shaft to takehis large balls into my lips and sucked each one of them gently. Myministrations made his cock grow to its full size and when I lifted myhead I could see I was holding 12 inches of throbbing manhood.”God, it’s beautiful,” I said as my face broke into a wide smile. “Thiscock is going to split me wide open. I want it so badly but promise meyou will take it slow at first. Once you are fully inside me take me likeyou want to take me. Use me for your pleasure.”Rather than reply he took me by the hips, flipped me on my stomach andpulled my ass up to the level of his cock. I could hear him as he putsome lube on his shaft and I felt his finger enter me as he spread thejelly inside me. I reached into my bra and took out the small bottle ofpoppers and opened it as I felt him rub his cockhead around my rosebud. Iinhaled from the bottle, quickly resealed it and felt my head explode asthe rush of the poppers ran through me. At the same time a stronghormonal rush overcame me, making my body hot and my brow break out inperspiration. I could feel him enter me slowly and stretch my love canalwith his girth. I kept my face buried in a pillow as the hormones rushedthrough my body making me moan with pleasure and sending waves ofsubmissive emotions through me. I reached underneath and fondled Mike’sballs as he buried his huge cock deep inside me. Then I was fucked likeno man had fucked me before. I was lost in a dream while his strong handspulled my ass up to his cock. He humped me like a man possessed throwingme around like a limp doll as he took his pleasure. My moans only eggedhim on until I could hear him grunt as his balls contracted in my fingersand his hot jism pumped deeply inside me.When he was finished he cast me aside and got to his feet. I could hearhim dressing as the hot hormonal rushes still throbbed inside me. I feltan emptiness inside me that no man would ever fill again. I turned tosmile in gratitude as he put his tie on and slipped into his suit jacketwith the superior look most men have when they have used my body fortheir pleasure. I almost told him to take back the three £20 notes hetossed on the bed as a tip but I was incapable of speaking. I stayed inthe same position for a few minutes, on my knees with my head face firstin the pillow until I felt steady enough to get up. Then I tottered tothe bathroom, telling one of the maids to clean up along the way andtried my best to freshen up.The following 11 men that took their pleasure from me that day all seemedto be disappointments after Mike had taken what he deserved, but I smiledand made sure they left completely satisfied. When the day ended Iquickly went downstairs, grabbed my bag and went up to the bathroom totake a shower. After I dried myself off I put the granny panties on witha sanitary pad to soak up with cum and lube that would dribble out of meall evening. After I dressed I popped into the kitchen and forced downtwo biscuits and a cup of sweetened tea to boost my energy. When I wentout to the reception area to talk to mommy Kate was behind the desk.”Do you know where my mother is?” I asked Kate, noting that she wasfilling out the deposit slip and putting the cash in the bank bag insteadof mommy.”Put your ear on that door,” with a concerned look, pointing with herfinger to the closed door opposite to the desk.I went to the door and put my ear on the cold door. I could hear mommy’sloud moans and the sounds of Derek’s orders. I could hear a slap and mymother’s gasp, and then another one of her long moans. I felt unsteady onmy feet as I turned to face Kate.”You better leave,” she said. “I don’t want Derek to pull any weird shiton you after he has finished. I won’t tell your mother that you heardanything. I’ll just tell her you rushed out after you were finished.”I went out on the street, caught a cab to Helen’s Notting Hill apartmentand circled around the building, climbing up the back service stairs andgoing quickly to my room to change into my maid’s dress, pulling my hairback into a ponytail. I slipped on the heels I was required to wear inthe house and checked the time quickly. Then I climbed back down the backstairs and went outside behind the building to wait for Tracie.I didn’t have to wait long. She came into the small area where therubbish was kept in skips with a smirk on her face only made moreinsolent when she saw me in my uniform with my name embroidered above myleft breast. She held out her hand which I filled with crumpled £20 notesthat I had collected in tips that day. She counted out the £200, smoothedthe notes out and put them in her handbag.”Now pull your tights and panties down and bend over,” she commanded.”I’ll shoot you full of girl juice just like you wanted.I could hear her rip the cellophane off the hypodermic pack as I did as Iwas told and bared my ass for her. She slapped my right cheek sharply andrubbed a small area of my butt before she shot me full of hormones. Icould feel the warmth spread through me immediately and, although Iwouldn’t feel the full effects of the oestrogen shot until the morning, Ifelt a relief similar to what any junky would feel when he got his fix.”Now pull yourself together and tell me what is going on,” she demanded.”If you want this to happen regularly then you have to tell me what thatbitch is doing to you. I saw that soaked pad in your panties, so I assumeyou are getting fucked regularly like a girl.””I’m not doing anything I don’t want to do,” I said, pulling up my opaquetights and smoothing down my short polyester dress, trying to think of away to hide the real truth from her. “Helen lets me work in a brothel asa t-girl prostitute and then I come home and make her dinner.””So, she’s whored you out,” Tracie said with a snort. “What are thoseinitials tattooed on your ass? It’s still reddish so I know you had thatdone recently.””That’s difficult to explain,” I stammered, growing increasinglyembarrassed by her harsh comments. “I know it sounds weird but the guywho runs the brothel I work at make all the girls get them.””So, she’s sold your ass,” Tracie said with disdain. “I bet she keeps allthe money you make and you don’t get a penny.””That’s not true,” I lied as I felt myself blush with shame. “I paid youtoday with the money I made.””I’m going to meet you every week on the same day and at the same timebut next week it’s £300,” Tracie said before turning to leave. “I’ll giveyou your biggest dose of girl power yet. I’m also going to do a littleinvestigation into that tattoo. I want to know more next week.”I was trembling when Tracie left me alone among the smelly skips and feltshaky as I climbed up the stairs to the service entrance to Helen’sapartment. As I entered the back door I could hear the front door openand my mother call out my name with a lilt in her voice.


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