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enjoy during party“Why don’t we go out tonight?” Adam suggested to his wife, Keri.”If you want to,” Keri agreed. “Any special reason or place in mind?””Actually, yes,” Adam replied. “It’s a special sort of place, private.””What’s it like?” Keri asked, intrigued.”I don’t really know, except that there are special costume requirements for women,” Adam told her. “I heard about it at work from some of the guys.””What kind of special requirements?” Keri asked.”A special mask,” Adam explained.”Where do we get it?” Keri inquired.”Well, actually one of the guys gave me one, just in case, you know,” he replied lamely.”So, let’s see it,” Keri said, crooking her head sideways as she looked at her husband.Slowly Adam reached into his briefcase and withdrew the mask. “Oh, my,” Keri said, her eyes widening in surprise as she reached for it. “This is different,” she commented as she held it up and looked at it. “What is this supposed to be?” she asked, indicating a mouthpiece-like part with a ball on the other end.”You put that part in your mouth,” Adam explained.”How do you know this?” Keri asked, a twinkle in her eye.”They showed me how it works,” Adam told her. “I didn’t know either.””So show me,” Keri told him, holding it out.”Well, it’s like this,” Adam said, reaching up and pulling the mask over her head. It covered her eyes and nose with the mouthpiece filling her mouth. There was a good-sized hole through the mouthpiece making it possible to breath. Adam fastened the laces in the back and tightened the mask. Now Keri couldn’t see or talk and Adam noticed that her breathing rate was increasing. Keri reached up with her hands and felt around the mask, feeling the soft leather and trying to control her panic at having been stricken blind and dumb in one fell swoop. When she reached behind her head for the laces, Adam quickly untied them and helped her out of the mask.”Wow, that’s some sensation,” Keri said when Adam had removed the mask. “And I’d have to wear that?””That’s the rules,” Adam told her. “If you take it off you have to leave.””Wow! It sounds really strange,” she said. “Is this something that you want to do?” Keri asked him.”Only if you want to,” Adam told her. “It sounded pretty kinky to me when they told me about it.””They’d been, obviously,” Keri commented. “How did their wives like it?””Well, he said they’d been back since, so I guess she did,” Adam replied.”Well, if you’ll take good care of me i’ll go and see what it’s like,” Keri said, smiling at him. ”What else should I wear?””Well, I heard there’s dancing, so something comfortable for that.””It’ll be strange dancing blind,” Keri commented. “But it could also be sort of neat too, I guess. Let’s go change,” she said, turning towards their bedroom.It only took them about ten minutes to dress. Keri wore what she usually wore to go out dancing, a short skirt and a halter top. Her full breasts filled the halter top and her skirt came only one third of the way down her thighs. She had nice long legs and she knew she looked good. Instead of her usual high heels, though, she was wearing a pair of sensible flat shoes”Dancing blind, you know,” she said in way of explanation.”You look great,” Adam told her, meaning it. He thought she was the hottest looking woman on the planet and he loved it when she dressed hot to go out. As they went to the car and began driving to the party, Adam was filled with trepidation. There was more about the party that he knew that he hadn’t told Keri about. He’d had this secret desire for a long time and hadn’t known how to act on it until now. He just hoped that Keri would go along and not freak out.It only took them about 20 minutes to get to where they were going, a big beautiful house in the section of the city reserved for very rich people. Keri was suitably impressed as they turned into the drive and saw about a dozen other cars already parked there. When they parked, Adam pulled out the mask and held it out to her.“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked once more.”Why not?” Keri asked, taking it from him. “What’s the worst that can happen?”She pulled it on over her head and adjusted it so that it was comfortable before turning so that Adam could lace it up tightly. When he finished doing so, he also quickly clicked a lock into place that would prevent anyone from being able to unlace the mask without the key which he had in his pocket. Keri tried to say something when she heard the lock click, but the mouth plug prevented any coherent understanding of what she was trying to say.Adam got out of the car and went around to Keri’s side to help her out, making sure she didn’t hit her head. Then guiding her with a hand on her elbow, Adam slowly and carefully walked her to the entrance of the house where he rang the bell. After just a moment a man appeared, a big smile on his face.”Well, hello. Who have we here?” he asked.”I’m Adam,” Adam replied. “I work with Gus and he told me about the party.That’s wonderful,” the man replied. “And she’s so lovely too,” he said, reaching out and caressing Keri’s leather-covered cheek. “But remember, no names once you enter. Not yours, not anyone else’s, okay?””Fine,” Adam replied.”Enjoy,” the man said, standing aside and letting them enter.As Adam guided Keri into the house he entered a room where there were about a dozen or so other men, each with a woman masked as Keri by his side. The men were all talking while the women stood there blind and mute. Adam found a bar and ordered drinks for the two of them, Keri’s being served with a straw that fit nicely through the hole in the mouth plug. They wandered through the room and finally Adam found himself addressed and joined a group of three other men with their masked women.They talked, Adam learning that two of them had been here before and that the third man had not, like himself. They mingled, Adam guiding a silent and blind Keri around as he met different men, twice refilling their drinks before the lights flickered and the man who had greeted them at the door beckoned their attention.”Well, good evening, all,” he began. ”It’s nice to see such a nice group. I hope you’ve had a chance to get acquainted because now the next phase of our little gathering is going to start. Now we enter the period where nobody is to talk. Like the beautiful women we have with us, masked and silent, so too will we be silent. So let’s have the music and start dancing.”Without saying a word Adam turned Keri and stood with their bodies pressing together. He stroked her cheek, letting his hand trail down her arm to her hand which he held. As the music started, he began to dance as he saw other men starting, always making sure to hold Keri’s hand. Keri too slowly started moving to the music, strangely exhilarated by the entire experience. She felt almost disembodied as she let herself go and began to move to the music.As Adam glanced around the room he saw that everyone had now gotten into the groove and were dancing. Most of the men kept one hand on the woman they were with, but several did not. Then he noticed that these men would slyly dance so that they switched partners, the women being none the wiser. When the man next to him winked at him and nodded his head, slowly dancing towards him, Adam released Keri’s hand and danced so that he was now in front of the woman the other man had been dancing with.He watched as the man reached out and took Keri’s hand, which she clutched, having been a little disconcerted by being disconnected from Adam. When Adam reached out and caught the hand of the woman in front of him, bahis siteleri he felt her grip him firmly. It was strange having the music play and everyone dancing and hearing no conversation. No talking. It was eerie. Watching Keri out of the corner of his eye, Adam looked over the Woman writhing in dance in front of him. She was barefoot, wearing a very short mini-skirt with a tube top that showed her firm breasts off. Her hair was blonde and hung down below the mask.The music changed and picked up tempo. Everyone was really dancing now and there was no holding of hands as everyone gyrated to the music. Adam watched as Keri let go more and more as she danced. She loved to dance and Adam could tell when she was doing nothing but being wrapped up in her dance, oblivious to the outside world that she was shielded from by the mask.Another hard tempo song and everyone was working up a sweat. When that song ended the next one was slower, much slower. Adam reached out and took the hand of the woman in front of him and she just melted into his arms, pressing her body up against him as she began to move to the music. He saw that Keri was also pressed tightly up against the other man and realized that all of the women were grateful for something tangible to hold onto, all of them probably thinking that it was their man.The dancing went on for another half an hour and Adam danced with at least four different women. At one point he actually lost track of Keri for a bit but then found her again dancing with yet another man. When the song stopped the host again addressed them.”Well, that’s a nice start,” he began. “And keeping with our silence for the rest of the evening, why don’t we take a break for about 15-20 minutes then get back to the dancing. Feel free to step outside or relax in one of the rooms.”Adam watched as men grabbed a woman by the elbow and steered them out of the room, outside onto the porch, out by the pool, and even a few disappearing into one of the several rooms leading off of the hallway.Adam saw Keri being led out to the pool area so he steered the woman he had grabbed that way, wanting to watch and see what transpired. As he watched the man with her wrapped his arms around her from behind, holding her close. He saw her lean back into him, letting her head lay back on his shoulder as his hands moved up to caress her breasts.The woman he was with had turned and melted into his arms, facing him, and he could feel her breasts pressing against his chest. He let his hands trail down her back to cup her ass cheeks and she ground her pussy into him as he fondled her. She reached between them to grab Adam’s cock through his pants and at the same time he saw that Keri’s halter top had been pushed up, exposing her breasts which the man was now fondling. Feeling a burst of heat flash through his body at the sight of his wife being fondled by an unknowing stranger caused Adam’s cock to surge and he pulled the woman’s skirt up from behind, letting his hand slide up between her cheeks to discover that she was wearing no underwear. His hand encountered wet pussy as his fingers trailed up between her ass cheeks as she moaned against his body.”Okay, everyone, time to move on,” Adam heard their host call out.The woman in front of him moaned, unable to speak coherently because of the mouth plug as Adam stepped back, disengaging himself from her. He looked over and saw Keri adjusting her top as she was led back into the room. When they got there, their host led them down a hallway through another door into a large room with all sorts of strange objects and equipment filling it. He had the men each lead the woman they were escorting to stand in front of a waist-high bar, and when they were all standing there, they were encouraged to bend over, their hands encountering another bar in front of them to hold on to for support. As soon as they grasped the second bar, someone on the other side quickly and efficiently placed velvet handcuffs on their wrists, making it impossible for them to stand back up. There were some groans and moans of complaint and probably fear from some of the women as they realized how helpless they were. Their host walked down the line behind them, letting his hand gently trail across their asses, squeezing their cheeks as he quietly moved down the line. Then He turned around, moving back up the line, though this time reaching down and lifting the skirt of dress of the woman and pulling it up over her back. Adam was surprised to see that more than half of the women wore no underwear And that of these, all of them had shaved pussies. He knew that Keri shaved also, but her bikini Underwear were covering her pussy lips at the moment.Picking up a pair of scissors, their host again moved down the line, this time snipping the sides of the underwear of any of the women wearing any. As it fell away, he pulled the remnants from between their legs. Only two of the remaining women had hair on their pussies, the rest were shaved bare. Adam couldn’t believe that Keri’s pussy was exposed to so many men at once. The thought thrilled him and made his cock jump in his pants.”Gentlemen, it’s time to pleasure the ladies,” their host announced with a smile.As the men moved forward towards the women, Adam quickly moved so that he was behind the woman next to Keri. She was a small woman with a perfectly shaved pussy. Their host moved down the line handing each man a pair of velvet cuffs which Adam quickly saw that they were attaching to one ankle of the woman in front of them and also to one ankle of the woman next to them. This had the effect of spreading wide apart the legs of all of the women, further exposing them.The man next to Adam behind Keri happened to be the only black man there. He was tall, probably 6’5¨ and appeared to be solidly built. As Adam watched, he dropped to his knees behind Keri, grabbing her ass cheeks in his huge hands and spreading them, then leaning forward to drag his tongue up through Keri’s pussy and across her asshole. Adam could see Keri’s body go taut as the man continued to lick and suck her pussy and asshole.Dropping to his knees himself,Adam did the same to the woman in front of him, finding that she had a truly delicious pussy as he ate her. She squirmed around a lot, but Adam thought that she was just trying to push her pussy even further into his mouth.”Gentlemen, it’s time to move on,” their host announced after a while.Adam saw the rest of the men slowly and reluctantly abandon whatever they had been doing to the woman in front of them and move around so that they were in front of the bar onto which each of them were handcuffed. As Adam observed, each of them carefully adjusted the mask of each of the women, releasing the mouth plug and exposing their faces from the nose down. Adam had once again managed to get in front of the woman on the other side of Keri so that he could better watch what happened to her.The man standing in front of Keri was a short overweight man with a very hairy body. His cock was not very long though it was very thick. Like the other men on either side, Adam and the short fat man in front of Keri slipped beneath the bar the women were handcuffed to, standing up between their arms, their cocks pointing at their masked faces. Adam held his breath as the short fat man lifted Keri’s head by gripping her mask and lifting, rubbing his cock on her mouth. Then as the woman in front of him opened her mouth and engulfed his cock, Adam saw Keri’s lips part and her tongue tentatively probed the head of the short canlı bahis fat man’s cock. He almost died when he saw Keri open her mouth and allow the short fat man to insert his thick cock.The woman sucking on his own cock had it buried in her throat. As he looked up and down the line he saw that all of the women were sucking the cocks in front of them. Like Keri, many of them had to know that the cock they were sucking didn’t belong to the man they came with. The man being sucked by Keri had a much thicker cock than his, though his was longer. It just wasn’t conceivable that Keri didn’t know and that thought alone thrilled him as he watched her suck.“All right, gentlemen, let’s move on,” their host announced.There were many groans as the men up and down the line disengaged themselves and wriggled out from between the women’s arms. Adam saw the fat man in front of Keri grab her head and kiss her and he was surprised to see Keri’s tongue aggressively invade the man’s mouth as they kissed. The men all moved to a different woman and now Adam found himself several people down from Keri and he was now unable to see her face.The woman in front of him now had a very young body, like a teenager’s. She eagerly attacked his cock as soon as she felt it brush her lips. She aggressively fucked his cock with her mouth, each time completely swallowing him. He strained to see Keri but was unsuccessful. Just as he felt his balls begin to stir in that familiar way, men up and down the line started to groan. The man next to him was one of them, and looking down Adam could see that he was cumming in the woman’s mouth in front of him. As he thought of being able to see Keri swallowing a stranger’s cum, his own balls exploded, filling the mouth of the girl sucking him. She sucked him until he was dry, and at that time their host again spoke up.”Well, that was a nice start,” he commented. “Now let’s return the favor.”This time all of the men moved around behind the woman who had just finished sucking him off and Adam was treated to the sight of a bald young pussy, spread open, dripping wet. He dropped to his knees and happily glued his mouth to her quim, sticking his tongue right up into her, tasting her juices. As he sucked her pussy, his thoughts were on Keri, knowing how wet she must be and how much she loved having her pussy sucked. He wished he could just watch as she received pleasure without knowing who was pleasuring her.After just a couple of minutes their host had them move on, changing partners to suck their pussies some more. Adam found himself two people down from Keri this time, behind a black woman with the brightest red interior pussy contrasting with her black pussy lips.Her pussy glistened and Adam eagerly slid his tongue up into her, tasting a black woman’s pussy for the first time, though after the first taste he hoped it wouldn’t be his last.”Okay, gentlemen, let’s move on and now it’s time to fill them up,” their host announced .This time Adam found himself almost all the way down the line from Keri, behind a very fat woman. He couldn’t even see her pussy she was so fat. He saw the men on either side of him sliding their cocks into the woman in front of them and he felt a thrill course through his body as he realized that Keri by now had a stranger’s cock filling her pussy. Reaching out, Adam grabbed the ass cheeks of the fat woman in front of him and spread them apart, revealing her pussy. He placed his cock between her fat pussy lips and pressed, surprised to feel how tight her pussy was as his cock slid into her. The tightness and warmth of her pussy distracted him and he stopped thinking about Keri while he concentrated on fucking the fat lady.Just as he was working up a head of steam their host interrupted, moving them on. This time Adam found himself about the middle of the line behind a slim redhead, her pussy glowing, long inner pussy lips spread open and sticking out, her clit a fat, thick nubbin sticking out from between them like a little finger. Eagerly he jammed his cock into her, feeling her pussy grip him and begin to milk him as he pumped her. He fucked her with abandon, getting caught up in the mood around him as all of the men fucked the women in front of them. Just as Adam felt as though he were about to cum their host interrupted them, encouraging them to move on.This time Adam managed to get the woman on the other side of Keri and before the man behind Keri could stick his cock into her, Adam could see that her pussy lips were red and swollen and gaping wide open. She looked like she had been well and truly fucked, which she had. As Adam himself slowly slid his cock into the waiting pussy in front of him, his eyes were on the man Next to him who was feeding his cock into Keri’s pussy. Inch by inch Adam watched as it disappeared between his wife’s bald pussy lips until the shaft was completely buried. As the man began to fuck Keri, Adam too began to fuck the pussy in front of him.Adam knew that this time he was going to cum before their host could move them on and he wondered if he was going to get to see the man fucking Keri also cum in her pussy. Only a couple of minutes went by when Adam heard one of the men groan and he knew that he was cumming.”That’s it, gentlemen,” their host said. “It’s time to start filling them up.”After he made this announcement Adam heard groaning all up and down the line as men began to cum, filling the pussies they were fucking. The women were groaning just as loudly as the men, so it was impossible to tell who was getting off on it the most. The man next to him groaned and clutched at Keri’s hips, slamming his cock into her as he threw his head back. It seemed to Adam as though Keri were rotating her ass against the man as he came, pumping his cum into her eager pussy. The sight of this was too much for Adam and he too began to cum, shooting his hot load up into the pussy he was fucking.As his balls were milked dry, Adam saw that the man who had been fucking Keri was withdrawing his cock from her pussy, followed by a long drizzle of cum down the inside of her thigh. There was much sighing of contentment, both from the men and the women as everyone slowly withdrew their spent cocks. Adam noticed that several of the men were going around in front of the women again and he joined them, along with the man who had just cum in Keri’s pussy.The feeling of his cock being sucked into the mouth of the woman he had just fucked was only superceded by the sight of Keri opening her mouth and eagerly sucking the man’s wet gooey cock in, slurping on it loudly as she sucked him.Adam was really happy that Keri was behaving like such a slut. It made him glad that he had brought her, given her a chance to let herself go. Over the next hour or so Adam watched as five different men fucked Keri. She seemed to be into it, ramming her ass back against them as they drove their cocks up into her eager pussy. During this time Adam managed to fuck three of the other women, enjoying the sensation of strange pussy. Then, having just cum in the pussy he was fucking, Adam decided to move around in front of Keri, sticking his gooey, sticky cock in her face. Like a true champion, Keri opened her mouth and sucked his cock in, slurping the juices off of him as she gobbled his cock. While she was sucking him, the black man approached her from behind.”You mind?” he asked Adam with a smile.”No, go right ahead,” Adam said, holding his breath as he realized that he was going to stick his giant black cock into Keri’s pussy.He watched in fascination güvenilir bahis as the black man rubbed the head of his cock up and down between Keri’s gooey pussy lips, wetting himself. When he began to ease his cock into her, Adam felt Keri’s mouth open in surprise around his cock when she felt the size of the monster cock sliding up into her pussy. As the black man fucked her Keri alternated between sucking Adams’s cock and gasping as her pussy got royally reamed.”Mmm, this sure is one fine pussy,” the black man said, smiling at Adam. You get any of it yet?””Uh, no, not yet,” Adam replied as he watched the huge cock sliding in and out of Keri’s pussy.”Man, this gal’s got some great pussy lips,” the man commented as he fucked her. “Nice and big. I like it when they hold onto me when I pull out, stretching way out like this.”At that moment Adam erupted into Keri’s mouth, dropping his fourth load of the night. Keri sucked him dry as she continued getting fucked. When Adam felt his cock beginning to shrink, he disengaged from Keri, not missing the opportunity to kiss her long and hard, feeling the thrusts of the black man as he continued fucking her.“Having fun?” Adam whispered to Keri when they broke their kiss.”Oh, god,” Keri gasped. “I didn’t know I could cum so much. Whatever made you bring me here?””i’ll see you later,” Adam replied, moving around to stand next to the black man, staring at his cock sliding in and out of Keri’s pussy, Keri’s pussy clinging to his shaft when he pulled out each time.”i’ll bet if her pussy feels this good, her ass has to be unbelievable,” the black man said, really fucking hard now. “I think it’s a good idea to find out, don’t you?” he asked, pulling his wet, sticky cock out of Keri’s pussy and rubbing it against her asshole, getting it nice and wet.Adam drew a deep breath as he watched the black man rubbing his huge cock against Keri’s asshole. They had had anal sex a few times and Adam knew that he had been the only one, so the thought of a cock easily twice as big as his fitting up Keri’s tight ass made Adam wince. He didn’t know if Keri could do it, or if she’d enjoy it at all. But it was a moot point as the black man began to steadily press his rigid black cock against Keri’s asshole. Keri gasped aloud when she realized what was afoot, but being restrained the way she was, there was little she could do other than moan loudly as he continued to press against her asshole.Adam realized that a group of men had gathered around to watch the black man fuck Keri in the ass. A couple of them made comments so that Adam learned that Nate, the man’s name, always ended their sessions by picking one of the women and fucking her in the ass. Adam heard Keri groan loudly and he saw that the head of Nate’s cock had slid through her ass sphincter. Nate rested there for a minute letting Keri get used to the feel of him, then he slowly began pushing forward, very, very slowly pushing his huge cock into her ass.Keri was gasping in pain as she felt the huge cock splitting her apart as it pushed further and further into her ass. Every once in a while he would stop, letting her adjust, then would come that relenting pressure as he pressed even more of it into her. The few times she and Adam had had anal sex she had enjoyed it, but it hadn’t hurt like this either. She didn’t know if she could actually take it. It had been difficult enough in her pussy.It seemed to go on forever and then Keri realized that she could feel him pressing his body against her and she knew that his entire cock must be buried in her ass. She could feel it throbbing deep inside of her and she was thankful for the few minutes he gave her to get used to the sensation before he slowly began to slide his cock in and out, fucking her in the ass. Keri could hear the other men and knew that they were all gathered around watching while she got fucked in the ass. The thought actually made her pussy even more wet and she felt herself relax just a bit more and the feeling of the huge cock in her ass suddenly wasn’t so unpleasant. Slowly but surely she adjusted to it and began to enjoy the feeling of it sliding in and out of her, especially knowing a group of strange men were watching, including her husband. He seemed to fuck her forever and Keri became numb as he continued to pound her ass. Then he slammed into her, hard, and she could feel his huge cock pulsing inside of her as he came, filling her ass with his cum. When he finally pulled his cock from her ass, Keri could hear the cheers and slaps of congratulations from the men who had witnessed her getting fucked in the ass.Then the host and the rest of the men began to unfetter the women, releasing first their legs, then their hands, helping them to stand upright after more than two hours bent over getting fucked over and over again. They weren’t allowed to remove their masks and they were still blindfolded, but they were not required to accept the mouth plug again.Don’t like the story, Click here for more optionsKeri found herself led, by Adam, over to what appeared to be a soft divan where she was gently helped to sit down and handed a large drink. Keri gulped it down in almost one draught and was quickly handed another. Both her ass and pussy were throbbing from the assault they had endured but she felt exhilarated as she thought of what she had just been through, the greatest sexual event of her entire life.Keri felt hands pushing her over onto her back, her feet up on the divan. It felt so good to get to relax after being bent over for so long. Another person seemed to be on the divan with her and then Keri felt what she knew had to be a pussy pressed against her face. It was wet and swampy and smelled of cum, and then she felt a mouth and tongue invade her own pussy and she realized that she was in a 69 with another woman for the first time in her life. Curiously Keri explored the pussy on her face with her tongue, finding that she liked the smell and taste of it, especially the mouthfuls of different cum she found herself eating as she licked the woman’s pussy laying on top of her.Adam couldn’t believe it when Nate led the black woman over to Keri on the divan and positioned them in a 69. He watched as Keri slowly stuck her pink tongue between the black pussy lips of the woman and began to lick and suck her cum-filled pussy. The two women sucked each other for almost 10 minutes before then were rolled apart. All over the room the same scene had transpired so all of the women now had clean pussies. Their clothing was adjusted as well as possible and one by one they all left, going to their cars before removing the masks from their women.”Oh, Adam, I can’t believe you did that,” Keri said when she saw her husband’s face. “How could you!””Are you sorry?” Adam asked, smiling at her. “Are you okay?””Oh, I’m not sorry, not one little bit,” Keri assured him. “And other than being incredibly sore, I feel better than i’ve ever felt before.””You were wonderful to watch,” Adam told her, adoration in his eyes.”And what about you, did you fuck other women?” Keri asked him, her eyes flashing.”Actually, I did,” Adam said with a grin. “Three or four of them. It was so incredible to have so many pussies just available for whoever wanted whatever. And then to get your cock sucked clean by someone else, it was like my dirtiest dream come true.””So, when are we going out again?” Keri asked him, snuggling up close, her hand going into his lap to find his cock. “You might be good, but you can’t keep up with a room full of men, can you?” she asked, fishing his cock out of his pants and bending over to take him into her mouth as he drove away. “Maybe five or six good guys to keep handy,” she said, lifting her face from his cock for a minute. “And their women for you.”


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