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Living in Cockington part4


Living in Cockington part4I woke up the next day and wandered down stairs where my k**s were eating breakfast and my wife, who had three strangers and me fuck her ass last night, was busy happily unpacking more boxes.After a coffee i stepped outside and decided to check out my new shed at the bottom of the garden.For an hour or so i unpacked my tools and checked out the few items that the previous owners had left and then i heard voices coming from over the fence.Stepping over to the fence i thought i would introduce my self to our neighbours at the bottom of the garden and maybe find some normal people in this strange little village.Peering over however i was again surprised to see a young brunette girl in her late teens completely naked, her little pert tits pointing skyward as she lay on a sunbed and next to her was a mature blonde woman with an all over tan and big round tits that looked to perky to be real.I immediately stopped myself from saying anything and just stood watching them for a moment.Then an old greying guy appeared from their house, he too was completely naked and his big old cock swung like a pendulum as he made his way over to the two women.Sliding in between them on the sunbeds they just lay there chatting for a few minutes and i was about to walk away but then the older woman reached out and took hold of the old guys cock and began massaging it until it was hard and erect before leaning over and slipping it into her mouth.She greedily sucked on his cock running her lips up and down his shaft taking his whole length in her mouth as he lay there and then the young girl leant over and started licking his old balls and then every so often running her tongue up until she met the lips of the older woman.the old guy was getting one hell of a blow job and i was really enjoying watching it, then the young teen stood up and straddled the old guys face and i watched as he began licking her little shaven pussy, before probing deeper into her slit and tasting her sweet bahis siteleri little juices.She was moaning with pleasure and pinching her little brown nipples as she rode the old guys tongue, all the while the older woman was still sucking his cock eagerly and after a few minutes the young girl let out a little gasping cry and her pussy squirted a little juice all over the old guys face.The older woman then let go of the guys cock and started kissing his face licking up all the young girls juices, the young girl then moved down his body to his cock and taking hold of it she lowered her self onto to it.She gave a little groan as the head entered her pussy and then she continued lowering herself until he was completely inside of her, finally she started to ride his cock and i watched as her little round ass cheeks bounced up down on his old balls.I couldn’t believe this old guy was getting to fuck such a hot young teen and with out realising it i was rubbing my hard cock through my trousers again.The older lady then climbed up onto the guy and lowered her self onto his face and once again he started licking pussy, while that hot young teen continued bouncing up and down on his cock.”Oh fuck yeah” i heard him gasp at one point as the two women used his body as their personnel fuck toy.”Eat Rodney, eat it” groaned the old woman rubbing her bald pussy in his face.The young girl ground her self on his cock for a moment taking the full length deep inside of her with a big groan before slipping off it and turning around.I could now see her completely shaven pussy as she lowered herself back on his cock and then got to watch her little perky boobs bouncing about as she fucked herself on his cock once again.By now i was tugging furiously on my cock through my trousers still as i watched this hot threesome and it only got better as the older woman suddenly cried out, plunged her pussy hard on the guys mouth and started squirting her juices all over him.”Oh fuck, oh fuck” she gasped as she canlı bahis sprayed his face.The old guy was loving it and lapped it up until the old woman stopped and rolled off his face.The young girl was now bouncing away on his cock really hard gasping and moaning, her little pussy was clinging to his shaft as she slid up and down it and even the old guy was beginning to moan.”Oh yeah Natalie ride it, ride my cock” he groaned.The young girl was bouncing around like mad and moaning over and over and i could see she was building up to another orgasm.”Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes” she kept repeating as her pussy became a blur on his old cock.”Oh god she’s so good” groaned the old guy who looked like he was ready to cum.Then the young girl plunged down hard on his cock with a cry and i watched her buck and scream as her orgasm swept over her.”Oh fuck” he suddenly groaned and i realised he was now pumping his load deep into her pussy.The two of them came together, their hot sweaty bodies stiffening and pulling together as they reached orgasm as one.Finally they relaxed and i watched the young girl slip off the old guys cock and lay back on the sunbed next to him.immediately the older woman climbed over to her and began licking the old guys cum from her sticky cum filled pussy.”So what do you say?” she said between licking up the big globs of cum that was leaking out.”Thank you Granddaddy” said the young girl leaning over to the old guy to give him a kiss.”That’s okay sweetie anytime” he replied kissing her back.I couldn’t believe it did she just say Granddad? did i just see Granddad fucking his granddaughter with Grandma to help?”Now why don’t you try Grandmas pie while i get my breath back” he said before the young teen leant forward and dived between the older woman’s legs.I think i just did, i thought before quickly walking away, only to turn and find my daughter standing there.”Hi young lady” i said surprised before realising i still had a hard cock trying to fight its way out of güvenilir bahis my trousers.I quickly tried to hide it casually as she just stood staring at me in a little T-shirt and tight short jeans.”I’m going to see friends, i’ll be back later, is that alright?” she asked”Yes” i replied just wanting her to leave as quickly as she could.My daughter then strolled off up the garden and i quickly decided to head back into the house.Not finding my wife nearby, i decided to head to our bathroom and quickly get rid of this hard cock situation i had going on.As soon as i got up stairs i dropped my trousers to release my cock and strolled into my bathroom to tug one out and release the pressure, as i stepped in however Bridget the young house keeper from next door was stood there in a little tight T-shirt and blue mini skirt washing her hands.”Hello there” she smiled seeing my cock ready.”Oh god i didn’t know you were in here” i replied.”Why are you in here?” “Oh you wife needed help with some boxes and when she couldn’t find you, she found me, i was just washing my hands” she replied.”Now would you like some help too?””Okay” i replied back.Bridget then took hold of my cock, knelt down and started tugging it hard and firm.”Oh that’s good” i sighed.”I know” smiled BridgetShe pulled hard and quick on my cock, every so often stopping to give it a good suck, she really was a great cock sucker, better than my wife and in no time i was ready to blow.”Oh god cumming!” i groaned.Just then my wife stepped into the bathroom.”I wondered where you had gone?” she said.Then i blew my load straight into Bridget’s waiting mouth.”Oh Christ yeah” i gasped.”Really Bridget didn’t come round here just so you could cum all over” my wife moaned as i sprayed Bridget’s face with blast after blast of sticky cum until finally i was spent.Veronica then knelt down beside Bridget and started licking the cum off her face and my dripping cock and after much licking, sucking, kissing and giggling everyone was clean.”Now both of you wash up i’m making lunch shortly” my wife said walking out again.I couldn’t believe this girl had happily sucked my cock again and my wife was totally cool with it, i was really beginning to like living in Cockington.


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